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Big pump signal is the biggest cryptocurrency pump community worldwide. Unlike the other pump and dump groups we have proved to be fair for all our users. During our pumps we spread tweets and other social media posts to get outsiders in. This way most people in our group can make money. We choose coins with alot of future potential so people won't get stuck when the price goes down directly after the pump. We will keep monitoring the market, in order to maintain its uptrend to make sure that our community members are satisfied with their gains.


Community voting

We have weekly votings to choose on which exchange were going to pump on. The times the pump will be on and other big decisions.

Crypto chat

We have an open chat in discord where anyone can discuss latest crypto news and the upcoming pump.

Bot protection

We protect our pumps from bots. The coin is announced in CAPTCHA format so bots can't read the coin but it's easy for humans to read it.

No hidden rules

At big pump signal all the rules are listed in the #rules channel. Be sure to check them out before you start interacting.

Free to join

The group is free to join. Everybody is allowed to participate.

Affiliate system

We have affiliate system, which allows you to get pump signals few seconds earlier than public (no more than 4 seconds). The more people you invite, more time you have.

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We are the largest crypto influencers on the web. We have succeeded over 20 pumps, we have pumped more than 500 million dollar into the crypto market. We have made people rich, made people buy Lambos and changed people's lives. We are BIG PUMP SIGNAL and we make sure that even small fish can fight against the whales of the cryptomarket.

How does it work?

We are a cryptocurrency pump group, we boost coins to over 100% increase. It looks easy but we highly recommend you to read this in order to get the maximum amount of profit.

We will explain how Pumps work, how the invitation system works and how the chat works.

We, the pump team, pick a coin based on good news and/or a good looking chart. We will have a countdown running. When the countdown reaches 0:00 we will call out the coin and we mass buy the coin to increase its price. In the meanwhile, the team is sharing news to get outsiders in on the pump. This way we can dump on outsiders and let our group make the most profit. The pumps normally do not take longer than 5 minutes. If you do not sell in that time, do not worry. All the coins we picked so far have proved to go up in price a few days after. We do pumps around two or three times a week.

The invitation system:

In order to grow our group, we have an amazing invitation system which is a good incentive for people to invite. We have ranks which get the call earlier. This system is balanced. These are the ranks and the time advantages:

1 invite - @Affiliate rank (No time advantage, ability to talk in the affiliate chat.)
10 invites - @Counselor (0.5 sec earlier)
20 invites - @Minister (1 sec earlier)
50 invites - @Senator (1.5 sec earlier)
150 invites - @Ambassador (2 sec earlier)
500 invites - @Chairman (3 sec earlier)

To create an invite link, go to the homepage and click; create invite link. You are not allowed to invite people with the same IP (they will not count) and the user you invite has to stay in our server for longer than 30 minutes in order for the invite to count.

The chat:

Right now, we have a chat on Discord with over 100,000 people having crypto related discussions. The minimum rank you need to chat is Affiliate, so 1 invite. This is in order to reduce spam.

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